Friday, 15 May 2015

Some YouTube Makers That I Like

  • Man at Arms: Reforged - Make cool weapons from fandom
  • Colin Furze - A crazy brit who loves blowing things up
  • Mehdi Sadaghhdar - A Canadian-Indian electrician with a high pain tolerance. He makes mistakes in his builds so you won’t.
  • Frank Howarth - Woodworking, occasionally gets help from his sweet children, often does stop-motion animation of his workshop coming to life.
  • Jimmy Diresta - A legendary craftsman who works with wood, metal, glass, and pretty much whatever he can get his hands on. Half of his videos get uploaded on Make’s channel.
  • Matthias Wandel - A canadian woodworker who builds incredibly complex and sturdy projects out of wood. Builds a lot of his own shop tools.
  • pocket83 - Has a bit of an attitude and uploads infrequently, but makes really neat puzzles and trick toys.