Thursday, 29 January 2009

BioShock (Quick Review)

Well, I just finished playing BioShock. I have to say the ending was pretty good, and pretty reasonable for someone who chose to play the good path. But I bet a lot of you are wondering what I specifically thought of the game, so here's a quick review.

Graphics: Really Nice
The graphics really helped the atmosphere and fit really well into the setting.

Music: Pretty Good
Pretty good, and very well timed.

Voice Acting: Excellent
Okay, yeah, this is one spot the game shined. Really great voice-acting made it feel more believable.

Gameplay: Fairly Good.
Great combination of gameplay styles, and the gene tonics setup really allows great customization of play styles. Hacking minigame is fun, but got a bit repetetive by the end.

Storyline: Alright.
The storyline doesn't stack up against some adventure games, but that's somewhat expected from an FPS. For an FPS storyline though, it was pretty good, and pretty intriguing. Ending was also good, although I was sorta surprised when it didn't fade into credits and instead just cut back to the main menu. Oh well.

Time to Beat: About 25-35 hours I'd say. Not entirely sure, but I spent 3 or 4 long nights on this game.

Glitches: I encountered some graphical glitches in the game, but this may have been due to problems I've been having with my computer. I also encountered problems saving and loading the game while playing full-screen. This would usually cause the program to freeze. This may be due to using Vista though.

Reccomendation: Buy it. The game is the best when you play it at your own pace, and at 20 dollars it's very worth it.