Saturday, 13 March 2010

22 of my opinions (about games): #2-9

Now let's continue on with some more points:

#2 - The Legend of Zelda really needs to spice things up a bit.

Okay, they're really fine games. I can't find much of a problem with any of them (except Twilight Princess because something about the characters' weird voice noising grates my nerves), but they're pretty much all the same thing. I mean yeah, you're a wolf some of the time in one, you're on an island in another, you can change size in another... but it's still the same thing.

Imagine if instead of Portal, Valve instead made a Half-Life 2: Episode 3 in which Gordon got a Portal Gun and nothing else changed in the plot, except a little scenery. Would it be a good game? Probably. But nowhere near as good as Portal is.

What I'm trying to say is that The Next Legend of Zelda is a lot of work for what could be an even more awesome game. But it won't be because Nintendo won't let it. And that's fine, cause there's people who like retreading old ground for whatever reason, or maybe they just want a game to play and aren't look for a new experience, but it is still regardless a little stale.

Just jazz things up a little. Pull another Wind Waker and I'll be happy.

Oh, Wind Waker is the Zelda game I liked the most. Just my opinion.

#3 - Super Mario Sunshine controls better, looks better, has more consistent design, sounds better, and has a better story than Mario 64.

This is an odd one that I can't really put my finger on. People say that Mario 64 is far better than Sunshine. I don't even mean Nintendo Nostalgiacs, I mean people who play them each for the first time in close proximity. I dunno, I think it's pretty simple.

Super Mario Sunshine has more reactive controls and more angles of movement thanks to newer hardware. Therefor jumping is more fluent. Sunshine has better graphics cause it's on the Gamecube. Music is better too. Story is actually present; there are cutscenes (multiple!) as you go through it.

I guess the only difference is that the levels in Sunshine are very similar in style, instead of varying wildly. And I dunno, I like that better, but maybe that bugs some people. I thought it was neat to have an environment that actually felt all like one place, but maybe that's just me. Regardless, people are entitled to their opinion, just I'd like to hear some solid reasons for why Mario 64 is better aside from "because it was so much better, it was awesome."

#4 - I love PC Gaming

There's about a handful of exclusives for each console that I would make as my favourites, or at least as being excellent. Hotel Dusk on the DS, Broken Sword DX on the Wii, Mario Kart Wii, Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy X, etc etc. Consoles aren't bad, but I really love PC gaming. For every console game I love there's probably about 5 PC games.

And I love PC gaming mainly because it's often customizable. You can tweak the resolution and the screen size and the controls. Sometimes you can even mod the game (which was the saving grace of Fallout 3).

I know a lot of people say it's annoying that you have to update your computer every other year but... you don't. I've only updated my computer every 5 years or so and can still play most games. Hell, Far Cry 2 in DX9 mode runs everything on High with no problem, and the components in this baby are probably 3 years old at least.

#5 - One of the greatest games of all time was made in 1976

It was called Colossal Cave Adventure. It started a genre. It was fantastic. Probably none of you would like it, though.

#6 - Halo is a decent game, and the co-op is fun.

There's nothing technically wrong with Halo. It's just incredibly cliché and engaging in the loosest sense of the word. In singleplayer, at least. I wouldn't play online because I'm terrible at it.

#7 - Splitscreen multiplayer is fantastic.

No really, what's better than sitting on a couch with a bunch of buddies and playing through a game? I would submit that doing so with a girlfriend may be the only thing, but that's beside the point! Splitscreen is awesome!

Too bad it stopped being on PCs anymore. Come on guys, bring it back!

#8 - In fact why don't you have splitscreen when you have online?

If you can do it between two computers you can do it on one. We have dual cores and everything now!

#9 - Oh yeah, and do it on the PC.


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