Saturday, 10 July 2010

Why BioShock 2 has a terrible intro.

Just... it's awful. Let me relate it to you in the form of a chat rant I had.

Shade: I was over at a friend's earlier today and played the first hour or so of BioShock 2.
Shade: Ugh, HORRIBLE intro.
Shade: Basically, it's a cutscene, entirely first-person, of your character doing average things which you could very easily control him to do.
Shade: It's like, 5 minutes!
Shade: A good 4 of that is just walking!
Shade: Hell, there's a part near the end where he jumps off a balcony and crushes a splicer with his foot (because he's a big daddy, after all) and then drills another one, and it was still completely feasable to let the player do that on their own!
Shade: And then like, there's a whole part where this evil woman comes up and mind-controls you into shooting yourself in the head.
Shade: But of course, the entire effect of control being taken away from you is lost because you don't even have control in the first place. *facepalm*
Shade: It's just BAD DESIGN.
Shade: And I'm thinking "hell, people were paid to think this up? This is horrible design! show me one player who would rather watch this stuff happen than do it." In half an hour you're doing it anyways, so it's just lazy, stupid design!

I wouldn't be surprised if they decided at the last second to add an intro section, and just hard-coded it because they didn't want to make an actual environment.

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