Thursday, 7 June 2012

My E3 2012 thoughts

Now that E3 is over, I'm gonna quickly wrap up my thoughts on stuff that was shown, that actually interested me.

(This is in no particular order, just things as I found out about them. )

Tomb Raider. Wow, that was all very uncomfortable to watch. By extension, I hope it's actually that uncomfortable to play, too, because that's what could really give it a lot of emotional weight. If done right, could be one of the most terrifying gameplay experiences in a long time, and I think that's actually a good thing.

ZombiU. Looks like it could actually have some potential, and uses the WiiPad in some pretty cool ways. Not enough to make me buy the system, though.

SmartGlass. Okay, this is pretty awesome. I can't say much else.

Now, I'd like to make a recommendation to Wizards of the Coast.

Guys, you're trying to make 5E. Guys, you remember all the online connectivity stuff you promised for 4E that you never delivered? Guys, if you don't create a DM rig for Xbox you are MASSIVELY MISSING OUT. DM gets a DM screen on his tablet, players get character sheets on their smart phones, and the big screen gets the map showing what's what. DO THIS.

Of course, make it look a little better than this.

Wii U supporting two pads. Nope, you guys still don't get it. Locking down hardware by limiting controllers, for no good reason, is not cool. You have the capability to connect more than two. I know the specs you're running, and this is nothing but a mandated limitation imposed because you're goddamn Nintendo and you just have to continue your draconian control over every aspect of your siystem.

Earlier, when talking about the new Xbox features, I mentioned a D&D game that could be played on it using the multiple screens. The Wii U /would/ be capable of the same thing, if they had five controllers connected. Which is entirely possible, but they just don't want to do. Other games that could use more than two controllers include digital version of Risk, Clue...

There's not even a technical reason for this.
Bluetooth supports up to 7 simultaneous connections, with 3-4 being the recommended number. Thus 6 controllers is understandable, except if they're planning to connect two high-intensity devices they should have two bluetooth controllers, supporting up to 14 connections. And they could cut down on the data being transmitted since each controller will probably have less information being transmitted. (Unlike full-screen games which probably would be using a lot more controller functions)

Playstation All-Stars. Uhm... look, I had hopes for this, cause I thought it'd be nice for someone to upset Nintendo from their position as high king of party brawl games, but... no, it just doesn't work, from what you're showing me. The characters all clash really weirdly and don't seem to make sense all sitting on the same screen. It just feels really weird, as they don't all come from series that have a sense of brand similarity. Sorry, but I'm out.

Far Cry 3. Your story is interesting me, but if it doesn't involve split personalities like you imply, then I will be very dissapoint. Also, you better be more open then some of the previous trailers I saw. None of this hallway shooting. If you're between Far Cry and Far Cry 2, I will be a happy bunny.

Beyond: Two Souls. Oh hey, Quantic Dream is putting gameplay in their titles?Seriously, I loved Indigo Prophecy despite its flaws and how it goes really loopy in the second half, but they honestly spend far too much time on cinematography for games. They're somewhere between a choose-your-own-path DVD and an adventure game, and I always enjoy when they approach more of the latter. More solid gameplay this time around would be very appreciated.

The Last of Us. Yikes that's brutal. Looks like it could be challenging, and very tense. I just hope that there's a higher difficulty level than we were shown in the video. Also I love how Protag gives me flashbacks to the dad from Supernatural.

Watch Dogs.  God damn it, you should've just stuck to espionage. Looked absolutely fantastic till people started getting killed, then it just showed to be another game where you're a Gary Stu nigh-unkillable badass with skills at doing everything. Probably going to check it out, but I doubt I'll ever finish it as it looks like it will just get boring very quickly.

See, I have problems with the way Ubisoft is treating the protagonist. It's the same issue I had with Assassin's Creed. When you are more skilled than literally everyone, what's even the point? There's little to no challenge. They should've made Protag just completely suck at combat, thus forcing the player to completely use systems to manipulate their way through scenarios.

I just think it would be a thousand times more interesting to try and kill someone without the use of any conventional weaponry than it is to engage in shooty shooty bang bang slomo fights.
The addition of a combat system that makes you able to fight effectively overrules the rest of the gameplay. The old axiom "less is more" is often true in game design. If I am given the choice of using complex systems to solve a problem, or to just shoot my problem to death, I'll choose the latter. Not because of who I am, but because I'm a human. The easiest choice, provided there is no massive penalty to selection, is the preferred ch-~!13`924912j4lih1i41hp1020he2il`1____!!!CONTINUITY INTERRUPTIONakdhk2le312531l5

xx2891sk3: Well anyone good at a game and able to abuse the mechanics is going to make something look overpowered. The same thing happened in the Resident Evil 6 demo when the player came to a stairwell full of zombies, he shot the first 2 in the legs forcing the zombies behind to slowdown to get over the bodies and then he threw a grenade with the extra time to clear the stair well. First Play through I wouldn't be thinking that but over time maybe. In the Watch Dogs play through, they showed it was possible to do the slow mo thing well, but is every player able to do that? Maybe with the right skill sure but he had to know how many targets were there.

shade: Hm, actually yeah, explaining it like that, I see what you're saying. It could very much depend on how they end up actually working the shooting system.

I think the sliding kick and the beatdown with the stick in the trailer also worried me, but hell, if they require precision aim with the guns (No aim assist) that will definitely put you at a major disadvantage in armed combat. I guess, knowing how Assassin's Creed turned out, I'm rather suspicious of Ubisoft making another catchall badass. I'll see how it actually plays.

Hell, if BioShock Infinite's hardcore mode plays out, they may even be nice enough to include a higher difficulty setting.
That's pretty much the extent of my thoughts. I didn't mention something? My thoughts on it are probably a solid meh.

EDIT: Right. Crysis 3. Looks pretty slick. Looks like it could be damn fun too. Not much else to add, but eh, their trailer has me.

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