Saturday, 23 February 2013

So I was playing Left 4 Dead 2...

L4D2 always makes me feel like quitting when the exact same thing happens. Every game I play. I will describe it:

Two headshots and three body shots with a sniper rifle into a witch. She doesn't die, chases me down, and gets me immensely close to death if doesn't kill me right there.


That's not how guns or the human body work.

And I'm not even a biologist or a gun connoisseur.

This is one of those things that's called "when game mechanics utterly break immersion." You put all this time into making a immersive zombie sim, Valve, and then do something so bullshit like that? It seriously frustrates me so much more than is probaly logical. I hate seeing a good game's immersion being ruined by a stupid design choice.


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